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impact in terms of attraction than what any one particular woman is looking for in a partner.It doesn’t matter how attractive you may be, no matter how sexy or how cultured, how charming or how whatever you are; if you hit somebody’s deal breakers, then you’re out.

Other times, it’s because people have their way of schtupping and aren’t going to change for love nor money, no matter how bored their partner gets counting cracks in the ceiling.

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In some cases, the experimental conditions lined up with the laws of physics – if there was no sound during the shaking, no object would fall out of the container, but if there had been a sound, an object would appear.

When analysing the responses, the team found that cats spent more time looking at containers that were accompanied by a noise when shaken.

This suggests that they used an understanding of physical laws to infer whether or not an object would appear The cats were also found to stare longer at containers in an incongruent setup, suggesting they may have a ‘rudimentary understanding of gravity,’ which was challenged by the conditions of the experiment.

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Moving forward, the researchers say future studies must be done to reveal what exactly happens in a cat’s brain when they hear these auditory signals and determine how much information is actually extracted from noise.

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