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Just wanted to tell you that and hope you will think about it to see if it might be something that you are doing at this time.

Since that day, I check to see what girls are online almost everyday. I just go from live webcam to live webcam for hours on end. I had never done anything like this before, and it felt a lot like cheating.

i mean, there's and actual girl on the other side who I was writing back and forth to. I find myself thinking about her when I'm walking down the street.

I am in a very positive and supportive relationship with an amazing sexy woman and I'm addicted to porn.

My addiction to pornography in general has grown over the years.

Get into the habit of removing things from your life that you don't truly need.

Kevin tiny - I can tell you that I am discovering that viewing anything that creates lust in my mind is and has been for a long timea way to avoid.

I have my own addictions right now, but they differe from yours (admittedly, I used to be addicted to pornography). You have to flick that switch in your head that says you are finished with all of this stuff.

And then she took her clothes off and masturbated while I masturbated. Since then, I drop by daily to see if she is there. If she is not there, I go from live girl to live girl and just watch them. I mean, I have a crush on a Russian webcam girl and I'm in a relationship?! I need to stop, and I've made a promise to myself that I would a week ago, and I broke that promise to myself once already.

Hi, An addiction of this nature is just like any other addiction, and some people are just more susceptible to addictions for whatever reason.

I managed to get myself off it for a few months but the other day I was browsing the internet and I accidentally discovered Adult Web cams.

This is something I never knew about before and when I checked it out, I couldn't believe it was real. When I first discovered it I signed up, and had a "private session" with one of the girls that I liked a lot based on the fact that she looked almost exactly like cameron diaz. I had one private session with her then I cancelled my account immediately.

My parents were both alcoholics and used liquor to avoid closeness with on another.

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I have used porn in one form or another to avoid intimacy with people I've loved very much.

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