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And finally, they are being more aggressive in trying to get every hot device on their service including the Samsung’s Galaxy Note although this is still under rumor control.

Finally they are starting a new advert campaign asking your to compare the other 4G services to the speed of the T-Mobile service.

So lets see, bandwidth, 3 billion in the bank and knowledge that its now or never to service as a company till they can get the i Phone.

They have to pull out all the stops to try to stop the bleeding and get people excited about T-Mobile as a major player in the cell carrier war.

Also a few days back T-Mobile will give you 0 if you trade in your old smart phone when starting a T-Mobile account.

Its been a while since the T Mobile Girl, Carley if you will, changed from her girly pink to a bit more edgy black leather, but still with pink accents mind you. Is suppose to indicate an more aggressive T-Mobile that is going to try get back the customers it has been losing in droves because of the continued lack of the i Phone. Entitled “Alter Ego,” the ad is a metaphor for what T-Mobile is all about – challenging the status quo and taking bold steps in the marketplace as a challenger brand. What I care about is how are you going to deal with the bleeding of customers, money and recently employees? The Federal Communications Commission cleared the way for T-Mobile USA to receive about billion of 3 Billion in cash it is owed as part of the breakup fee for AT&T Inc.’s failed billion takeover bid.

With this new ad, there is a distinctive departure from our existing campaign as Carly’s magenta summer dresses are replaced by motorcycle leathers and a 1000 cc Ducati superbike, which symbolizes the speed and capabilities of our 4G network.

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