Furry fuck chat Sex chatlines by request

Furry fuck chat

If Rule 34 has proved anything, it's that people will fap to anything.... It's especially bad when you can't find your own tiny cock with both hands from within mounds of flab.

Fugly, smelly, fat and unfuckable, Self-esteem isn't a furry's strong suit.

Their reasons to creating these fursonas are entirely fetish-related. Your average furry is as broad as a barn with a face that looks like horse shit.

However, some argue that fat furries aren't obsessed with their lard and that they're just batshit insane. There are actually different breeds of lard lovers out there, each with their own reasons for loving fat fucks. When not even your dog will fuck you there's little other choice but to either be easy or look for the easy to bone.

Gender of a fat furry doesn't even matter and the tits are huge (with tits of their own on top)!

If furfags are the AIDS of the internet, then consider Fat furries as the diabeetus.

Fat furries are the unholy spawn of two disturbing fetishes into something that's both terrifying, and lulzworthy at the same time.

Why not be attracted to the only thing skanky enough to do your fat ass- other lardos!

So, fatties go out and seek fatties, but not any fatties will do.

These sick fucks require furry fatties for their special needs.

Fat furries will nail anything that moves because they're shocked someone wants to actually fuck them. Fat furries are nothing but folds and folds of disgusting flesh with sweat trapped between them. Just think of it as about a thousand asses hiding a totally hot stud with a huge cock.

Fatties are also great for people with the herp and other unfuckables. This means that a single fat furry is a self-lubricating ball of vaginas perfect for any party or the man who really just wants something to put it in. We all know how much fags love ass, and that all furries are fags, so a fat furry is pure win for total fags. See Penis as a threat to all existence and wish to never have to see it again?

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Then fat furries will appeal to you as well as there's so much fat there that pen0r can never even rear it's mighty head, never mind attack your iron hymen!

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