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“” This pretty much shut her up and gave her time to stew on the idea that she didn’t have to object to my sexual advances, which was clearly something she didn’t get often. Step 2) Cold Anti-Last Minute Resistance: , the purpose of which is to turn her on a bit and stop when she says no, leaving her, essentially, stewing in her own juices. I knew I wouldn’t hurt her and that I wasn’t interested in sex just to use her, but that I genuinely wanted to share a no-holds-barred experience with her because of how much I enjoy her as a person.Though I had to use all three of our methods on one of the toughest situations I’ve been in, I’ll tell you how I did it, step-by-step. For instance, if you tell a girl she has to sleep on the couch, or that you have work early in the morning, it will subconsciously register as a sort of rejection.After all, if you’re telling her you have to get to bed early, it’s clear that you don’t have hours of animalistic sex in mind, right? At the time, she was drunk, but not drunk enough that I would question her morals.In fact, I thought it would be detrimental to our friendship to even try to engage in physicality on the first night we met, so I didn’t even plan on pushing things.Because I have the skills that I do, I am not starving for sex, so I had no problem slow-gaming this girl and NOT pushing for a one night stand.The methods he taught (and now, I teach as well, doing group bootcamps and private 1-on-1s) were always very useful to me and, of the three methods we teach, I’ve almost always had to use one or another to disengage and overcome a girl’s Last Minute Resistance.Recently, I got to meet up with an absolutely stunning girl I had met online a long time ago (a friend of a friend). She’s a gorgeous, Latin brunette and I am currently looking at a picture of her in a swimsuit calendar on my wall. However, she’s also very skeptical about sexual relationships and has always held me at arms length.

We had talked about sex many times and she was always shut off from, what other girls call, “”.

Incredibly hard to gain any sexual ground with, she had only had sex with 3 people before and was devout about how she needed to be in a relationship with someone for a long time before she would ever engage in anything coital.

In fact, I think that alcohol played little-to-no part in the decision making process. In between a few of these bouts, I also brought a bit of pre-emptive Last Minute Resistance Logic Bombs in, something I’m extremely good at: This is all very powerful stuff that we teach in our bootcamps and, frankly, I believe everything I said to her.

She actually tried to combat my rejection by rejecting me (e.g. I did (and still do) care about her immensely and was (and still am) extremely attracted to her.

Hey there, Gareth Jones here with an amazing story about how I made a swimsuit model feel comfortable, safe, and cherished enough to sleep with me.

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You see, at every bootcamp I’ve ever done with Asian Playboy, when it comes to the E-Phase (Evaluate, Extract & Escalate) he has always reminded his students that Of course, because he’s a dating expert, he’s taught them methods to get around that obsolete biological response by assuaging her logical fears and enabling her physical desires.

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