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The couple spent their first night at their 5-acre estate in July 2013 when they brought Emily and Maren home from the hospital. “Maren wasn’t quite sure at the beginning but then she warmed up when we got to go into the free gym part.” The girls also take music and gymnastics classes. It’s a new year, and you always have something to prove. It’s been a very tough last couple of years personally. I feel I can do better, and I’m trying to get myself ready for that.

There’s an in-ground pool and basketball court on the north side, a pond out back and enough wild turkeys and deer roaming the grounds to keep the shrubs wrapped in burlap. The chatterboxes are dressed alike and impossible to identify with untrained eyes. Joe and Maddie have known each other since grade school. Paul natives were fellow athletes at Cretin-Derham Hall High School (Maddie in track and field; Joe the football, basketball and baseball star). PP: When you look at your .265 average, off a .277 season, strikeouts up, on-base percentage down … That’s part of why I’m so excited, just how I’m feeling, especially with the concussion side of it.

I think I’ve found a couple of people who have really helped me out physically. If you’re not healthy, you can’t go out there and perform.

I’m excited about this season and how I’m able to perform.

But he had never been to First Avenue, the Minneapolis club Prince made famous in the aforementioned movie. 4, Maddie hoodwinked him there to see alt-rockers Guster, one of her favorite college bands. “He was worth the price of admission.” Emily and Maren have spotted a ladybug on the floor behind the door. “He’s sleeping.” Speaking of which, it’s naptime, and Maddie first takes Maren to the girls’ room. PP: So do you see the past two seasons as an anomaly rather than your new reality as a hitter?

Joe Mauer closes the front door, kicks off his sneakers and barely steps off the throw rug before his two No. ” Twin sisters Maren and Emily toddle into the foyer wearing matching pink tutus, eager for hugs and to flaunt the twirls they learned at ballet class.1 fans greet Minnesota’s famous hometown ballplayer. Trailing is their mother, Maddie, who ushers a guest into their Sunfish Lake home. She is picking up boxes of baseball memorabilia to distribute to charities before driving to Florida with Joe’s father, Jake. Mauer retreats to his sunroom, props his socked feet on an ottoman and settles in for a 40-minute interview with the Pioneer Press.The girls compete for Mauer’s attention at the kitchen island, mostly ignoring their plates of chicken nuggets and fruit to alternate climbing into their father’s lap. “Their personalities are so different,” Maddie said. With family, sometimes the cousins would get confused. They became close friends after graduating in 2001, started dating several years later and were married in 2012. That’s a big thing because you look at the two years before that, those were pretty good seasons. I’ve got to do everything I can to get myself ready.The adults eat chicken salad sandwiches on croissants. I’d say, ‘Maren’s the one with that pink shirt on.’ It’s tricky.” “Yeah, you always get the question, which one is that? The Mauers are in the midst of competitive potty training. Get this: Mauer’s favorite live sporting event was the 2006 Super Bowl in Miami when Prince performed “Purple Rain” at halftime in a downpour. You were pleasantly surprised.” “They were great,” said Joe, who was particularly impressed by bare-handed percussionist Brian Rosenworcel. Once you go out there, it keeps getting better and better.More leaps and shrieks from the 2½-year-old girls, who revel in daddy’s return from a workout and grandma’s surprise visit. PP: What would you say is at stake for you in 2016 coming off last season? JM: That’s an ongoing process, especially as you get older.

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