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Keep in mind that many publications have a particular bias or agenda, which may not be obvious at first glance.Evaluating Information Sources is an amalgamation of two previous webpages: Criteria for Evaluating Internet Resources, originally developed by Aleteia Greenwood and Professor Douw Steyn; and Criteria for Evaluating Print Resources, originally developed by Aleteia Greenwood, with invaluable expertise from Deb Wilson, Douw Steyn and Lee Gass.The current combined page features new categories and examples and is maintained by Ursula Ellis and Shawnna Parlongo Anyone with an internet connection has the potential to publish and distribute information - it's up to you to assess whether or not the materials you find have been written by an authority on the subject. If you cannot find an author or an organization connected to a source, be very suspicious.If no one wants to stand behind the work, why should you believe what is written there?Acceptance rates vary depending on the prestige of the journal, and the entire process can take up to a year.When an author submits an article an editor can assign it to two, sometimes as many as four, independent referees, who have similar expertise to the author.The referees review the article and write reports that recommend acceptance, acceptance with minor changes, acceptance with major changes, or rejection.You will need to evaluate each resource you use for research, whether it is an online or print journal article, a website, a book, a newspaper article, or other source that you want to cite.

The website lets you check ownership of a website and find out what other sites link to it.Also, note that even if an author is an expert in one field, she or he may not have expertise in another field. Some materials that you find will be written by academics, for an academic audience - and their authority, accuracy and scope will be relatively easy to analyze and some will be written for a general audience - with qualities that are equally easy to assess.Unfortunately, you will also easily find materials which are trickier to categorize, such as: Why Question the Accuracy of a Source?In the scholarly publication process there are a number of steps journal articles go through called peer-review.Even if you can find an organization or author you still need to be cautious and make sure that the organization and/or author are who they say they are.

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This may include further research on a particular author or organization.

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