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I know most will say no because she’s not beautiful.But really think about it,you win WWE title and you’re a big superstar.

And if it was real-life it wouldn’t be disrespectful, either. The WWE knows most people hate the storyline so they keep taking it more and more to the extreme to piss people off even more. * They roll out a red carpet and set up Christmas decorations. Their feud goes all the way back to Wrestlemania, and to this day they have been trying to prove which team is better.“Love of my life”, now “soulmate”, Edge with his godawful little nicknames for her, the closeups of them kissing, all of that and more; most of the fans are disgusted by it. Jeff Hardy is announced for the December 12th edition of Smack Down. Chavo Guerrero – During the match Vladimir Kozlov comes out and attacks Matt Hardy. The Great Khali comes out with a long Santa hat on and Ranjin Singh is dressed up like an elf. Eve comes out in a “Santas little helper” outfit and she kisses Khali. WWEYA Tag Team Title Match: Matt Hardy And Kurt Angle (c) Vs.I don’t really pay all that much attention to storylines (just enough to know why feuds are happening). Maria ducks it and hits her with a roll up for the win. He complains about them taking away his “cool” entrance with his music and pyros. * Triple H & Jeff Hardy in a tag team gauntlet match is up next. Jeff Hardy And Sting Event 2: Kofi Kingston is currently the Cruiserweight Champion, but he was challenged by the determined Mr. Kofi accepted, and Kennedy promised that he would be a great opponent.This one is being shoved down my throat until I gag as soon as I see them. After the match Vickie grabs a mic and says Triple H will team up with Jeff Hardy tonight in a tag team gauntlet match. Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match is announced for Armageddon. * The Bella Twins, Primo Colon, & Carlito are backstage with Maria celebrating her win. * The Big Show cuts a promo on his steel cage main event match with The Undertaker tonight. He says that’s alright because he’s going to pay someone back. Justin Roberts announces him as he makes his return to Smack Down. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins are their first opponents. Then Jeff hits him with a swanton bomb followed by a pinfall for the win. The match goes back and forth for approximately ten minutes. WWEYA Cruiserweight Title Match: Kofi Kingston (c) Vs. Kennedy Event 3: Edge is backstage with The General Manager of Showdown, Vickie Guerrero.I would rather have Eve Torres as my manager though 🙂 First of all is the fighting itself real, such as punching, kicking, low blows to the groin, or striking with chairs, steel ring steps, or sludge hammers? Second question that is wrestling section related: Has anyone noticed we have serial thumbs downer among us? yeah my math was off a bit so its just over 2 years.

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